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This pub has been know by a variety of names over the years. It was called the Grand Duchess before becoming a student pub called Fresher & Professor. It became Classrooms in June 2019 before closing again in 2020. It is currently listed as sold. 



Chris and Terry

The Grand Duchess was the venue of Chris and Terry’s first date out together! I’m not sure which year this was in but I must assume that this was around the 1960’s! For those who know this couple, this anecdote will sound familiar. Chris asked Terry to buy her a vodka and after a while, Terry came back with a gin. She remembers this vividly to this day! 



[Jon was explaining a discussion he had with someone] Having lived in Plymouth all my life...58 god where did the time go? We started chatting about pubs...of course! So I mentioned the "run" that all my school pals used to do on a Friday night back in 1979 / 80. From memory 13 was the magic number if you did the full run from the Hyde Park at the northern end of Mutley Plain, so with a bit of head scratching and the help of an old drinking friend of mine we came up with this list...and hopefully the correct running order! 1. Hyde Park 2. Fortescue 3. Nottingham 4. Mutley Tavern 5. Hill Park 6. Clifton 7. Wellington 8. Providence 9. Fawn 10. The Friendship 11. Nowhere Inn 12. Grand Duchess 13. The Unity....then a short stroll....errrrr....maybe meander to Woods nightclub above Burtons mens clothes retailer....this of course is somewhere in the Mall after the whole of that part of town was demolished....what a list!! At least the long walk home to Milehouse sobered me up at 2am in the morning after Woods nightclub shut! We were a little unsure about The Seymour this would have made 14 pubs. I think that our band of "crawlers" sometimes as many as a dozen or more would take shortcuts when the group would break up into two's and three's etc.This is at a time when Ind Coope Mild was 51 pence a pint! In fact I can remember the Landlord of the Nottingham charging an extra 1 p a pint to drink in the lounge....because it had carpet on the floor and what we all wanted to play....a Space Invader machine!!!!!