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The Friendship Inn was built during the mid-19th century, when the area of Greenbank was developed. as a small back-street pub, it nevertheless had pool and darts teams. The pub was sold and converted into flats in 2014 despite being listed as Asset of Community of Value (ACV). Its owner Pubfolio went bust in 2009 and the long-standing (18 years) licensee Bill Light was evicted in 2014 despite efforts to keep the property as a pub. Details can be found here.



Liz Davies

These are pictures of the Friendship Inn's ladies darts team that Liz Davies has kindly provided. Her mother is pictured:

Photo 1: 1st from the right

Photo 2: Bottom, 1st from the left

The pictures reveal some interesting insights into the pub culture at the time. Note that the punters are dressed very formally for today's standards. Also, it looks like the ladies won some glass cookware for their darts playing!


Liz Davies

I am now 67 and started drinking in the Friendship Inn with my parents, Lil and Vic Dyson, who played darts and ran the teams. I remember them celebrating their 25th Wedding anniversary there, the party started when the pub closed as I would have been under age to be allowed in. I remember at least three lots of landlords, The Cawse family whose children my brother and I went to school with, Betty and Graham Wood and the Furgesons who left to go to Spain, I think to run a British pub there.
When My Mother died my father transferred his allegiance to the Fawn and I have drunk there since I returned to Plymouth in 1980's and have enjoyed playing darts under both Margaret and Pat Curley and Angie and Mike Rowland. I have missed the regulars these last few months and look forward to returning soon.